About Us


Our company is solely about the legacy my family is leaving for my mother Margie Denise Gadson.  My mother was born on June 5, 1953 in West Philadelphia.  She met my dad, Odis Gadson in 1967 at the Omega by the Sea weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. They got married in 1971 in Philadelphia and had 4 children. After a lifechanging event we moved to South Jersey. My mother was loved by many she was described as an angel on earth. She loved to talk and build relationship with people no one was a stranger. My mother was a loving caring resilient women and would give you her last dime. She loved helping people and I enjoyed her talks and wisdom she shared.  My mother passed on December 19, 2019 from cancer in New Jersey. It took a few years by we finally made it happened MDG Scents Scrubs & Suds LLC.  Thank you for considering our products and continuing her story.